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Natural Clothing & Accessories

We believe in healthy lifestyle and in natural materials that are good for you and great for the environment.
These little changes to your lifestyle will bring totally unexpected positivity that you never thought you needed before.
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What is TSARIA?
What started as a women-driven company in November 2018 quickly grew into a passionate and successful brand that we are proud to share today. Our 30 years of experience in commercial trade led us to victory among the substantial competition for high-quality, comfortable, natural, and luxurious textiles.



We offer the most versatile collection of bedding sets made of 100% mulberry silk. In any combination and of any size! Each set is made individually according to the provided dimensions by the customer. Please read below for more details and contact us to place an order.
Ordering bedding sets requires contacting us first!

Our Portfolio

We will provide you with the actual portfolio and other details such as : payment and delivery terms. Our collection includes a wide choice of silk in solid colors, jacquard silk, super thick 24 to 28 momme silk.

Dimensions & Combination

We need to know the mattress size and other requirements! Non standard set composition, pillowcase dimensions or sheets number? No problem, we can do it!

Fabric Samples

We provide samples of different types of silk and its thickness to our customers who is willing to order bedding sets.
*restrictions and conditions apply.

Why are we the best at what we do?

Textile Industry Knowledge
We have extensive knowledge of the various intricacies associated with the textile industry; you could even call us the Queens of Textiles!

Selective Material Proficiency
Our excellent understanding of raw material quality and the crucial role it plays in making sensational clothes/accessories allows us to bring you products that will immediately elevate your life.
Knowing Who, What, & Where
By using our advantage of years of experience with logistics and sourcing reputable manufacturers, we are always able to stay on top of the fashion game in addition to our primary goal of sustainability.

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