Mulberry Silk Duvet with Tencel Duvet Cover, Queen


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Everyone deserves a good night’s rest – why should you be any different? One of the main contributing factors to quality sleep is the type of bedding you use. Our luxury Silk Duvet was designed specifically to help you keep up a healthy sleeping pattern without compromising the style of your bedroom.
Luxury Quality
The Silk Duvet is made of 100% 6A-grade mulberry silk fibers residing inside. On the exterior is a case made using the highest quality jacquard cotton – a decorative fabric featuring subtle yet aesthetic patterns that add to its elegant appeal. These intricate patterns blend beautifully against the color of the duvet with a softly contrasting tone.

For All Seasons
It is crucial to select a duvet that corresponds to the season. This will prevent over-heating during summer or getting too cold throughout winter for the best sleep possible. Our premium silk duvet is an all season version.

The silk and jacquard cotton fabric composition of this premium duvet is more than just looks and comfort. It also has unique thermoregulatory properties to help soothe hot flashes experienced by hot sleepers or women during menopause. This is designed to maintain good airflow and a steady, comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Healthy & Hygienic
With beds so frequently used, it is inevitable that a build-up of germs and bacteria will occur. Our design is antibacterial to help prevent this, ensuring the safest and most hygienic environment for a healthy rest. Not to mention all of our goods are made according to the highest state standards, right from our own family factory where we make it all possible – including growing mulberry silkworms and sewing.

  • Filled with the 100% 6A-grade mulberry silk (we mean it! unlike our more known competitors selling silk duvets in Canada and the US, we guarantee that our duvets are filled with mulberry silk, and not with any other type of the silks) long-strand fiber. Please read the descriptions carefully.
  • High-quality 100% jacquard cotton (main case)
  • Comes with a premium quality duvet cover made of Tencel
  • Winter version (we made it heavier than our all-season duvet version)
  • Queen size 200*230 cm
  • Healthy bedding alternative
  • Soothes hot flashes with thermoregulation
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Made to the highest state standards
  • Family-factory manufactured that has been in the silk duvet business for over 20 years
  • Ziptown Trading Inc has been selling this type of the silk duvets for over 3 years in Canada

Even though, some of you are used to machine wash your other duvets, we can guarantee that our Silk Duvets are easy to care for: they only need to be dried outside, in fresh air (avoiding direct sunlight) twice a year to maintain their freshness. Since one of the natural properties of silk is to easily give off odors, your silk duvets will always stay fresh. If more thorough cleaning is required, a silk duvet should be dry-cleaned, since the silk floss layers can be damaged when in contact with water.

We have been selling this product since 2018. It has been tested by our customers and confidently stands amongst the winner-products in the category of home textile. Look for the customers’ reviews at our page on FB

Product Details
    • Weight 2.5 kg
    • Dimensions 30 × 45 × 20 cm