Sunlight Damaris Washable Silk Pajama Set With Pants #5


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Sleep in your bed feeling like luxury with our exquisite Silk Pajama Set. Made with pure
silk that helps keep you cool and comfy throughout the night, these sets will help
improve the way you sleep, unlike any other pajamas.

Healthy Sleep
Silk PJ’s are a popular choice among many for their soft, strong, and skin-friendly
qualities. Instead of causing irritation or overheating, they naturally thermoregulate for a
soothing effect and rest gently against your skin when worn to prevent common allergy
symptoms. Not only that but silk is considered to help reverse signs of ageing and is an
ideal choice for anyone with frequent skin ailments, such as eczema.

Variety Selection
Our Silk Pajamas come in a wide variety of styles and variations, including short sleeves,
long sleeves, shorts or trousers, and designs made for women, men, and children. The
entire family can enjoy the luxurious sensation and comfort that these pajamas bring,
ensuring a good night’s rest for everyone.

● Fabric Composition: 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk

● Soft, strong silk fabric (19 momme)
● Feels exquisite against your skin
● Naturally thermoregulating effects
● Soothes skin ailments
● Comfortable to wear all night long

● Fabric Composition: 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk
Style: Two-Piece Silk Pajama Set with Pants
● Neckline: Traditional Notched Collar
● Sleeve Type: Long Sleeves with Piping

Important details regarding the sizing:

XS, S (American) is suitable for height up to 160 cm and weight about 120 pounds

M is good for height up to 165 cm and weight 130 pounds

L is suitable for height up to 170 cm and weight 140 pounds.

Product Details
    • Weight 0.400 kg
    • Dimensions 22 × 29 × 4 cm
    • Size

      XS, S, M