Lavender Comforter Filled With 100% Silk


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So, what kind of the product is silk comforter? Generally speaking, a comforter is heavier than a quilt. In comforter a layer of silk fiber (filler) is used, which makes it thicker and puffy as quilt does not have any filler inside.

There’s also much less quilting, generally just enough to hold the three layers together. As a result, comforters are heavier and bulkier than most quilts, and they are machine washable that sets them apart from silk duvets.
Typically, a comforter is a quilted, fluffy blanket that is used to keep you warm. It is usually filled with synthetic fiber filler which is quilted or stitched to secure the filling and keep it evenly distributed. In our comforters we use natural silk fibers as the filling, which complement them with all the beneficial properties derived from the natural silk. Unlike a duvet, the comforter only forms one piece of all of your bed linens.

The most important four beneficial aspects of silk comforters, improving human health, are:

  • Promote sleep. The sericin component of silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids. The tiny molecules emitted by these chloric acids are also called “sleep factors”, which can bring people’s nerves in a more stable state. Covered with silk quilt can improve sleep, enhance human vitality, and slow down aging.
  • Have good cold resistance and constant temperature. Silk contains the highest “silk volume void” in the fiber, which can reduce the thermal conductivity in cold weather and keep warmth better than leather and cotton. In hot weather, it can eliminate excess heat and keep the inner temperature comfortable.
  • The natural anti-mite, antibacterial, anti-allergy and skin-friendly silk properties. Silk sericin not only can make human skin delicate and smooth, but also has the ability to prevent the breeding of mites and molds, which is more beneficial to those with allergies.
  • Has the ability to dehumidify. The silk protein contains a substance called “affinitive side chain amino acids”, which can absorb the moisture in the air and remove it. It can keep the inside dry and comfortable, which is especially beneficial for patients with rheumatism.

● 100% wild tussah silk. It is strong, lustrous and more resilient than cultivated “white” silks.

● High-quality 100% 2-sided cotton case

● Queen size 200*230 cm

● Healthy bedding alternative

● Soothes hot flashes with thermoregulation

● Antibacterial properties

● Made to the highest state standards

● Family-factory manufactured (over 20 years in silk duvets & comforters business)

● Ziptown Trading Inc has been selling this type of the silk duvets for over 3 years in Canada

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    • Dimensions 30 × 40 × 20 cm