Camila Silk Top


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Short-sleeved silk top.

Fabric & care:

100% silk crepe de Chine (except for trimming). Extremely breathable & thermoregulating. Sport chic style garments line made for Ziptown Canada.

Hand wash

Dry clean recommended

Why silk is popular for dresses? Silk is a timelessly trendy natural fabric woven from the cocoons of silkworms. The world’s most famous fashion brands regularly apply it for various men’s and women’s outfits earning the admiration of the audience.

The visual splendor of different silk fabrics inspires millions of creative sewing lovers. Given that, the question arises here: what are silk fabrics so valued for?

“Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand.”
Oscar de la Renta

Silk is known for its most lightweight natural texture ever. But the soft, strong substance not only makes great protection for a silkworm’s pupal stage but also has tremendous effects on women’s health. When spun into sheets, pajamas, garments and scarves, silk may help ease menopausal hot flashes, prevent the effects of aging, and relieve certain skin conditions. It is highly breathable and comfortable for wearing at any season of year due to its natural animal origin and the content of natural proteins & amino acids in its composition. We have been in silk business since 2018 providing our customers the best quality and authenticity on the market.

Product Details
  • Sku: HZS2022-SEELLA-1
    • Weight 0.250 kg
    • Dimensions 22 × 30 × 2 cm
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      XS, S, M

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