Astrid Pink Grapefruit Cashmere Scarf With Fringes


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A 100% Cashmere scarf is a basic accessory that every woman needs to have. Scarves are the finishing touch to any ensemble and the cure for fast ready-to-wear accessorizing. There is no wrong way to wear a scarf. Cashmere scarves are not lacking in versatility by any means. The ways you can wear them are infinite. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful classic yet modern accessory!

High-end oversized cashmere scarf. Expensive, luxury gift.

  • 100% Pure Eco-Friendly Cashmere from Inner Mongolia
  • Size : 200*70 cm
  • Dry cleaning recommended
  • Ironing at low temperature

Top quality cashmere scarf made in Inner Mongolia. Buy eco-friendly, quality products, buy wisely small quantity that you will really use, and use longer.


Product Details
    • Weight 0.23 kg
    • Dimensions 22 × 38 × 1 cm
    • Size

      30*160, 70*200