When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman

Audrey Hepburn

What started as a women-driven company in November 2018 quickly grew into a passionate and successful brand that we are proud to share today. Our 30 years of experience in commercial trade led us to victory among the substantial competition for high-quality, comfortable, natural, and luxurious textiles.

"The world yearns for sustainable clothes with a knack for style and comfort, and we made a promise to do so."

After travelling to numerous countries around the world, our founders discovered their love of natural fibres, such as wool cashmere and silk. These fabrics remain one of our primary components within the range of clothing, accessories, and home textiles we offer. It's little wonder why - these heavenly soft and long-lasting fibres quickly become a cherished part of your life with their oh-so-cozy textures.

Each item of clothing or accessories you see in our store or on our website is hand-picked by our fabulous team to ensure you only receive the best of the best. We imagine how we would want to experience these clothes or accessories in our own life, so in turn, we can give you the same incredible satisfaction!

With that in mind, our unique difference comes from our passion for what we do.

Tsaria is built exclusively on:

The careful importation of ready-to-wear clothes
We carefully import our products that are ready to use and enjoy, no matter what they may be. Jewellery, clothes, blankets, and more. There's zero guesswork involved - these items naturally merge and co-exist comfortably in your life.

Utilizing Our Production Expertise
Our team is equipped with the expertise to guarantee sustainable production methods that not only lasts but also make you and nature feel great.

Textile Industry Knowledge
We have extensive knowledge of the various intricacies associated with the textile industry; you could even call us the Queens of Textiles!

Selective Material Proficiency
Our excellent understanding of raw material quality and the crucial role it plays in making sensational clothes/accessories allows us to bring you products that will immediately elevate your life.

Knowing Who, What, & Where
By using our advantage of years of experience with logistics and sourcing reputable manufacturers, we are always able to stay on top of the fashion game in addition to our primary goal of sustainability.

Resourceful Importation
Through expert importation processes, we've maintained consistently fair prices for all of our products, so even more of you can enjoy the delights of our work without breaking the bank.

Freedom Of Choice
We offer our customers the freedom to choose their textiles based on fibre content, for example. You can browse our products knowing the exact fibre content, which will no doubt help you decide on the perfect product.

Attention to Detail
It's every little detail that counts towards bigger success. Everything from our selective production processes to hand-picking designs and even the psychological effects of the colour of the fabrics. These decisions are made to bring you only joy, comfort, and peace of mind.

Superstar Customer Support
Highly remarked for our devotion to YOU, we'd go so far as to say that our team are superstars when it comes to assisting customers and giving them the best Tsaria experience possible.

It's A Win-Win
Supporting these standpoints is our desire for the utmost fashion sustainability possible. While you get fabrics that have trending styles, remarkable breathability (more than polyester!) and thermo-regulating properties, you're also contributing to an ECO-friendly future.

This is what we stand for. We represent the ability to enjoy your day-to-day life in the most comfortable and sustainable "fashion" possible. These little changes to your lifestyle will bring totally unexpected positivity that you never thought you needed before. Whether it's a new knitwear to keep cozy in the winter or a whole replacement of home essentials to play your part in this ECO-friendly journey, Tsaria is a friend to you and nature.

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